Summer Beard Care Guide

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It’s summertime. The sun is out. The birds are singing, and the cold weather is receding faster than our hairlines, which means it’s time to get your summer beard in check for beach weather.

Before you do that, however, we need to squash a beard myth. Beards may seem as though they insulate the face when in actuality they don't. The added layer of hair does protect your face from weather like wind and rain, but when it comes to insulating the face, you’d have better luck with a balaclava.

That means that “it’s too hot to keep my beard,” is no longer a worthy excuse to shave. You worked hard to grow that beard over the winter, and you should be proud of it.

We both know you’re going to keep your beard for summer, which means you should learn how to care for it.

What You Need To Do


The number one rule for doing anything during summertime is to hydrate, and the same goes for caring for your beard. Your beard is healthy when you are healthy. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when active in the sun for any period of time.

 Dehydration can cause the hair in your beard to grow brittle and break, which makes your beard look unkempt and frazzled. Furthermore, poor trimming can also do this so make sure you invest in a proper beard trimmer product that will do good instead of harm.

 Beard conditioners are a great solution to a dehydrated, brittle beard, but nowhere near as healthy or inexpensive as simply staying hydrated.

Stay Cool With a Damp Beard

A beard may not make a terrific insulator, but it can make one heck of an air conditioner. Sprinkle a small amount of water through your beard before setting out into the summer sun. The added water will serve to keep your face cool, and your beard protected from the harsh summer sun and heat.

Don’t Swim With A Dry Beard

The same goes for swimming. The added salt, chemicals and all manner of things commonly found in pools, lakes and the ocean can be detrimental to your beard health.

 Think of your beard as a sponge. Wetting it before jumping in the water will cause your beard to absorb the clean water you sprinkled on it rather than the chlorine laden water of the pool, thus ensuring the harsh chemicals don't damage your beard.

Beard Oils Post Swim

Chlorine and saltwater will strip the natural oils from your face and beard. It’s important to your beard health to add those natural oils back to your beard after you have left the water. Otherwise, your beard can dry out and become brittle.

 Beard oils put back the nutrients that were stripped from your beard when the water dried. They come in a thousand different scents, applications and styles to protect your beard from damage and make your face feel refreshed and smelling amazing.

Wash It Regularly

Your beard can pick up a lot of junk. Your beard gathers dust and harmful irritants like a filter moving through the air. These irritants can cause your beard to become dirty, brittle and hard to maintain. That is why it is important to wash and cleans your beard regularly.

Protect from the Sun

It doesn't matter how thick your beard is if you don't protect your face from the sun your beard is going to be damaged, although a thick beard does provide the skin of your face a small amount of protection from harmful UV rays. UV rays will damage your hair follicles and cause brittleness and split ends.

 Apply generous amounts of sunscreen to your beard and work it into the skin of your face. Your face will thank you for the added protection and so will your beard.

 Not into sunscreen? Then a hat is where it’s at for sun and UV protection. Just be sure that the brim of the hat actually covers the extent of your beard.

Keep it Trimmed

If all else fails, it’s important to keep that beard trimmed and tidy. Trimming split ends leads to a fuller looking, less unkempt beard and can never be overlooked as a viable solution to shaving your beard altogether.

 No one said your beard had to rival Grizzly Adams. A short beard is the perfect summer accessory and is far easier to grow and maintain than a full beard. Simply keep that jawline sharp, ax those bushy follicles and watch out for razor burn and your beard will be your summer ready to rock no matter what nature has in store.

You’re proud of your beard. Don't shave it just because it’s summertime. The beard is the perfect summer statement and accessory, and now that you know how to take care of your beard during the summer you can sport one all year long. Now if only we could get our hair due looking as good as our beards.

 Article courtesy of Male Groomings

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