Beyond the Beard - Part 1

- Shaun Six
If you’ve visited our website or tried our products, you know that we emphasize that our products use only all natural organic ingredients.  For some companies, those are just catch phrases or marketing tags - but for us, it is a large part of who we are and how we live our daily lives.  To that point, today we are starting a series of articles I’m calling “Beyond the Beard”.  Over the course of this series, I will post articles that describe my personal journey to a healthier and happier life.
This journey started nearly 3 years ago.  At the time, I was overweight, had medical issues and was not functioning to my full potential.  A series of events (which I’ll write about in future articles) led me to examine many aspects of my life and to focus not only what I was putting in to my body but also on my body in the form of deodorants, shampoos, lotions etc.  This new focus led to such dramatic changes in my health and overall life, that friends and coworkers began to notice.  Soon, I was being asked over and over again what I had done to make such a noticeable improvement.  I started sending friends emails and links to articles to read, but then I decided that I should document my journey more thoroughly and share it with a broader audience, including our Lovely Beards friends and customers through this blog.
In upcoming articles, I’ll cover in more detail; the shape I was in when I started this journey, which things have worked for me and which things haven’t, how these changes have impacted not only my health, but the health of my wife and kids, why my business partners and I acquired Lovely Beards (remember, it’s not only what goes in your body, but what goes on your body), and many other topics.  In some articles, I may recommend certain products.  In the spirit of full disclosure - I am not receiving any direct compensation from the companies that produce these products.  These are products that I or my family actually use and so I will include Amazon Affiliate Links to them for you to check out for yourself.  If someone were to purchase a product through these links, it would result in a very small payment to Lovely Beards, but we are not being paid to endorse these products.
I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you.  If you came here looking for tips on beard care and styles, don’t worry, we’ll continue to cover that here.  But, I’m hoping you’ll stick around for these articles too and go Beyond the Beard.

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