Is It Better to Brush or Comb Your Beard?

- Rip Bains

When your beard starts to grow, you will need to be proactive and ensure it does not get too wild or mangy. When you need the right beard taming products for your facial hair, check out Lovely Beards’ line of oils and gels. The right oil and gel will allow you to have a healthy and strong beard.

When is it Time to Use a Comb?

A strong comb will help you avoid two problems commonly associated with facial hair – manginess and beardruff. There are several factors you will need to consider when choosing a comb. You will have your choice of material, including metal and rubber, as well as tooth size.

Before you use your comb to get a more even look to your beard, use the best smelling beard oil from Lovely Beards. Lovely Beards has an array of oils in options such as Mandarin Cedarwood, Bourbon, and even Unscented.

The Advantages of Brushing Your Beard.

A beard brush can be the perfect ally when it comes to keeping clean and neat facial hair. The brush can be used to remove dirt and debris that might come into contact with your face on a daily basis. It will also create a softer look for your facial hair, allowing you to groom more easily.

A hair gel for beards can be the perfect partner for your brush. With the right hair gel, you will be able to smooth out and get a cleaner look for your beard. All you need to do is apply the gel and brush right after.

Buying a gel and oil for your beard will allow it to not only grow in more evenly, but also maintain its shape after grooming. Lovely Beards beard taming products can help you get a better-looking beard, whether you are a fan of the Distinguished Gentleman or Wooly Bully.

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