Mastering Being Bald With a Beard: 5 Reasons You Need to Try This

- Rip Bains

how to master being bald with a beard

Being bald does not have to be a death sentence in social and professional situations. Pairing a bald head with a beard can give you the confidence you need to have a better life. To have stronger and healthier facial hair, check out beard taming products from Lovely Beards.

1. Beards are Trendy: Throughout history, particularly in modern times, important people have had facial hair as part of their looks. Current celebrities such as Common, Brad Pitt, and Patrick Stewart stand out thanks to their healthy-looking beards.

2. Beards Help you Stand Out: A well-groomed beard sends the message that you are serious and confident with yourself. Lovely Beards has the best-smelling beard oil to help you measure up to your competition in the boardroom and social circles.

3. Women Love it: Research has shown that many women appreciate even the slightest amount of facial hair. A strong goatee, beard, or mustache can be just the thing to appeal to a woman in a crowded dating marketplace.

4. Saves Time and Money: While many men use hair growth products to restore the confidence they enjoyed when they were young, you will most likely only need to use a beard balm or gel to gain confidence in your facial hair. With the right gel or oil, you don’t need to wait for hair to grow on your scalp. It grows much easier on your face, anyway.

5. Looks Masculine and Dominant: The bald or shaved head, combined with facial hair, can create a look of confidence not found in the average man. Powerful business leaders Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO of Dreamworks) have chosen this look. A hair gel for beards can make it easier when you need to trim and shave your beard. This will help the hairs be straighter and easier to shave.

Lovely Beards’ line of beard taming products not only strengthens facial hair, but it also ensures that it grows more evenly. Having facial hair can create a unique and distinguished look for any man.

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