How to Style a Beard with a Bald Head

- Rip Bains

When you want to have a facial hair with your bald head, Lovely Beards can ensure you have the style you need to draw attention socially or in the workplace. Lovely Beards has an outstanding line of beard taming products to help your hair grow strong.

How to Grow a Better Looking, Stronger Mustache.

The mustache offers a distinguished and serious look for the male seeking facial hair. This look can be found in a variety of professions such as law enforcement and the corporate world. Depending upon the type of mustache you have, you will be looked at as more serious and professional.

Lovely Beards offers a wide variety of the best smelling Beard Oil, so no matter what you are looking for, they have you covered. They have a wide selection including classic scents like Bourbon, and new options like Mandarin Cedarwood.

The Goatee Offers a Versatile Look for any Man.

If you want to grow facial hair with a bald head, the goatee can be the perfect look. Whether you are trying to have a full or classic goatee, this look can be simple and easy to maintain with the help of hair gel. The full goatee is considered the jack of all trades in the facial hair world, and is used by men across all walks of society.

The classic goatee has a unique history as it has worn by rock musicians and even people within IT departments. Whether you choose a full or classic goatee, you will need hair gel for beard to keep it strong. Lovely Beards gel includes outstanding all natural ingredients that help facial hair last longer.

Lovely Beards beard taming products will ensure you get the right look with your bald head. They will allow you to grow straighter and more durable facial hair. Whether you want a Wooly Bully or Distinguished Gentleman, Lovely Beards has the balm or oil you need.

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