What Your Beard Style Says About You

- Rip Bains

What Your Beard Style Says About You

There are so many ways to announce to the world who we are, from clothes to hairstyles, to jewelry, not to mention how we talk and carry ourselves. Men have one more weapon, namely, the type of beard they wear. No one style fits all men, and each one says something a little different about the wearer. Here’s a quick look at the most prominent varieties and what your beard style says about you:

Full-On Scraggle

This beard is long and natural looking and not too trimmed—or trimmed at all. This man is an outdoorsman, perhaps artistic, but mostly very comfortable with his own being, and unconcerned about fitting in with the rest of the crowd. He also knows his beard can grow forever, because he cares for it with the best beard grooming products from Lovely Beards.

The Distinguished Gentleman

This is a more civilized version of the scraggle. It is still full, but has a shape and style of its own, and is treated with oil for styling a beard. This man keeps it trimmed and neat and because, well, he is a distinguished gentleman.

The Five-O’clock Shadow Beard

This is that cultivated look that is several days of not shaving, carefully trimmed to look as though that’s all it is. This man is saying he is totally cool and just hasn’t gotten around to shaving lately because he is so busy being, well, cool.

The Trimmed Goatee

This usually includes a trimmed mustache and trimmed chin hair, sometimes all one mass, and sometimes separated. This is the hip, artistic guy who wants to be an enigma, or is one.

Ultimately, there are so many different beard styles to choose from. Consider carefully what your beard style says about you, and take good care of it with Lovely Beards’ wax for styling a beard.

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