Distinguished Gentleman: Benicio Del Toro

- Rip Bains

Distinguished Gentleman: Benicio Del Toro

In a world filled with fake popularity, cosmetic beauty, and 15-minute fame, there are fewer and fewer examples of the real thing on the screen, in advertisements, or in real life. There seems to be even less true masculine gravitas surrounding us today. However, distinguished gentleman Benicio Del Toro is one such example of the real deal. This big-screen star understands that class and sex appeal don’t come from the outside, but are part of who you are and how you carry yourself. He also knows that the way he grooms himself shows what he thinks of himself. That’s why, when he grows his beard out, he relies on only the best, organic beard care from Lovely Beards.

The Best Treatments

Lovely Beards knows a thing or two about the highest quality grooming ingredients, offering the best oil for beard hair, and the best beard balm available anywhere, which is why Mr. Del Toro counts on us to keep him looking sharp and feeling great. Lovely Beards products are made with the finest organic ingredients, because we know that if you intend to truly have a healthy beard, and plan to keep it for some time, you’ll want to nourish it with the best products, and not just the mass-produced stuff off the shelf.

From shea butter to jojoba oil to beeswax, Lovely Beards products are formulated specifically to make your beard hair healthier, keep your hair follicles clean and revitalize your skin, making these products much more than just stuff you put on your beard. Think of it as an investment in your physical health and appearance, and believe us, people will notice.

Our clients certainly notice the difference, distinguished gentleman Benicio Del Toro included. You will too.

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