Top 5 Ways to Get Your Beard Spring-Ready

- Rip Bains

How To Get Your Beard Ready For Spring

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and your beard is still growing. Don’t just leave your beard to its own devices, however. Leave your winter routine behind and get your beard ready for spring through these five grooming tips. 

1. Exfoliate to Remove Dead Skin

The winter weather is likely to have dried up your skin, causing flaking that gets into your beard. Use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin so your face looks and feels fresh this spring.

2. Wash and Condition Your Beard

Warmer weather leads to increased body odor, even in your beard. Wash it daily to eliminate unpleasant smells. Apply a top beard balm to condition the hair and to moisturize the underlying skin.

3. Change the Scent of Your Products

Your sense of smell is less powerful in the cold months, and aromas don’t diffuse as easily. Now that it’s spring, don’t go for your usual heavily scented beard oil. Choose something lighter instead, such as a fruity fragrance, or opt for an unscented variety.

4. Brush Your Beard

Brushing your beard doesn’t just keep it neat, clean, and evenly shiny. It also stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the area. The more nutrients your facial hair receives, the healthier it will be.

5. Adjust Your Care Routine

Even though we just told you to care for your beard regularly, you need to match your grooming routine to the season. Your body naturally produces more oils in the spring, so you don’t need to use as much of your all-natural beard products as you normally do unless you have extremely dry skin or coarse hair.

By following these five easy steps, your beard will look just as handsome as the rest of you. If you need help picking out the right Lovely Beards products for your skin and hair type, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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