Bad Beard Habits You Need to Break Today

- Rip Bains

Bad Beard Habits To Break Today

Whether your beard is wild and bushy or intricately groomed, there are certain habits that are just plain terrible for the health and appearance of your facial hair. If you’re guilty of these bad beard habits, break them today and repair the damage by starting a daily care routine with the best products for beards from Lovely Beards.

You Stroke or Pull Your Beard

It’s hard not to play with your beard when it looks and feels so darn good. Or maybe you’re the type who needs to keep his hands busy while completing a task. Regardless of the reason for the habit, you’re doing yourself harm. Stroking and pulling can result in: 

  • Acne from dirt and oil on your hands
  • Worsened dandruff
  • Damaged or ripped-out hair follicles
  • Permanent bald patches 

Keep your hands clean and away from the chin hairs!

You Don’t Moisturize

Unless you want flaky skin and a dry and brittle beard, you need to moisturize regularly. Use a conditioner, such as gingerbread beard balm, to soften and strengthen your facial hair and to protect your skin. Finish with a top beard oil to retain moisture and natural oils.

You Forget to Clean Your Grooming Tools

You may be great at keeping your beard neat but horrible at keeping your grooming tools clean. You should disinfect scissors and clippers to prevent bacterial growth, and oil them to lengthen their life. Remember to clean your combs and brushes, too. Dirty tools can contribute to acne. 

You Make Your Neckline Too High

Nothing says you don’t know how to wear a beard like having a neckline up to your jaw. Instead, you need to trim the hair to create a fade between your Adam’s apple and jawline. Even short beards should extend slightly past the jaw.

Once you replace these bad habits with healthy maintenance, you’ll be on your way to sporting a beard that will be irresistible to women and an envy for men. Contact us for advice on which Lovely Beards products are right for you.

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