Keep These 5 Tips in Mind When Trimming Your Beard

- Rip Bains


A full beard is an accomplishment for any man, but unchecked growth can leave you looking like a 19th century prospector. While regular grooming is important for any facial hair, you don’t need to obsess over it for hours every week. Adding simple products such as organic beard oil and shea butter beard balm to your daily regimen will make a huge difference. Here are five easy tips to keep your beard looking great.

  1. Facial Shape Is Important

If you’re thinking of trimming your beard into a new design, you should pick a style that accentuates your facial structure. You have dozens of distinct styles at your disposal, and they each pair perfectly with one of the four basic face shapes:

  • Round, which works best when hair is shorter on the sides and longer at the bottom
  • Square, which calls for growth that’s full at the chin and shorter elsewhere
  • Rectangular, which dictates short hair on the chin
  • Oval, which works well with every style
  1. Keep Things Clean

Softer hair is easier to trim, so wash, condition and dry before picking up the clippers. You should also comb thoroughly to establish a grain and reveal longer hairs.

  1. Maintain a Neckline

You need a consistent line for the beginning of your beard, so create an imaginary semicircle between your earlobes. The bottom of the arc should be approximately one inch above your Adam’s apple.

  1. Try a Fade

If you don’t want an abrupt line between your beard and bare skin, try using clippers to create a natural fade along the neckline. Start with the longest setting and gradually get shorter until you get a look you like.

  1. Finishing Touches

Once you’ve done the heavy lifting, the only thing left to do is clean up the little odds and ends. Use scissors to trim away stray hairs in sensitive areas such as the spot beneath your nose.

Regular grooming is important for an amazing beard, but it’s only one part of the equation. To keep your face nourished and moisturized, check out the wide selection of Lovely Beards balms and oils.

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