Expert Interview Series: Kevin Kish of West Coast Shaving On Men's Health And Fashion

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Customer relations

Kevin Kish is a entrepreneur that specializes in customer relations. He is the Customer Service Manager of West Coast Shaving.

To start, how did you first get interested in men's health and fashion accessories? What need did you perceive that you hoped to correct with West Coast Shaving?

I first got interested in men’s health and fashion by searching for a better process of shaving than with a cartridge razor. This lead to the discovery of double edge razors and West Coast Shaving for a great source for luxury grooming products. With West Coast Shaving we hope to provide quality grooming products that will give you the best shaving experience. 

Men are starting to pay more and more attention to their appearances and health. just posted an article about '5 Surprising Things That Are Making You Look Tired'. What are some things that might make men appear fatigued? What are some of the risks of looking tired, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally?

A few things that might make men appear fatigued are not taking proper care of their skin and proper hygiene. Physically, your skin will dry out and age faster than it should. Mentally, this will cause you to lose confidence in yourself. Improving your skin will help make you feel more confident and skin will look healthier. 

One common health complaint a lot of men have is dry, itchy skin. While there are loads of skin creams and ointments marketed for women, can you recommend any skin lotion geared towards men, and what some of the differences might be?

The proper process to prevent dry, itchy skin is to use a face wash followed by a moisturizer. Then - once or twice a week, easy - use a face scrub to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin and other debris off of your face. Lastly, if you are expose to sun a good amount during the day, use a good sun block to protect the skin. All this will help keep the skin hydrated and staying healthy. 

For a face wash I would recommend Baxter of California Face Wash or Cremo Face Wash. Along with that for the moisturizer the Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer or the Cremo Face Moisturizer. For the once or twice a week face scrub the Taylor of Old Bond Street Facial Scrub or Baxter of California Facial Scrub are perfect options. Last but not least, the Blue Lizard Sunscreen works great for protection in the sun.  Taking care of your skin now, your body will thank you 20, 30 years down the road. 

Men are often not encouraged to relax or decompress, in today's super busy and competitive world. Why is it important for men to destress and unwind, for their health as well as their appearance?

Destressing and unwinding for men is important because this will allow them to escape the craziness of the work week. Not relaxing will eventually take its toll on you and your body will show signs of fatigued. Allowing time to recuperate will put you in a better physical state and emotional state to better attack the work week. While relaxing, take the time to do activities you enjoy and spend time with family. 

We're surpassing one single style of masculinity or style of men's fashion, with individuals being encouraged to express themselves. What are some of the benefits - physical, mental, and emotional - for finding your own style, and being your own man?

When it comes to a man’s style they need to develop their own style, but also keep it minimal. When you have a minimal wardrobe, you will only wear clothes that are truly your favorites. All the other clothes in your close are articles of clothing you never wear, but thought you had to have. Finding your style, narrowing down the items that are your best looking clothes on you will make your choice of what to wear easier. You will be less stress, less overwhelmed and feel more confident since you will know you look amazing in these clothes.  For more tips on a minimal wardrobe, check out Courtney Carver’s Project 333. predicted a resurgence of '70s style as one of 2017's men's fashion trends. Is '70s style particularly in right now, in your observation? And what are some products that might help accentuate a '70s look for men?

Generation clothing styles always tend to cycle back around. In my opinion, the 70’s Fashion is not 100% in, but it is making its way in. I see more men wearing artistic or creative pattern button-up shirts. Not as crazy as in the 70’s, but with a modern twist that makes them appealing to the current generations. 

Mustaches were a huge part of '70s style for a lot of men. Can you offer any recommenations on how to style a mustache to make the best of someone's particular style of facial hair?

The Mustaches are making a comeback. My number 1 tip is to just let your mustache grow and don’t attempt to cut the mustache for at least a month maybe two. Once the mustache gets to a good length then you can trim the 'stache or better yet take a trip to a barbershop for a professional trim. On top of that using a good beard oil will help to condition the hair and help with the itchiness. Then, if there is a new to style or tame the mustache, a good wax will help to keep the 'stache under control. 

Can you recommend any particularly holistic or healthy products for men's health and fashion? What are some of the risks of using toxic, environmentally unfriendly products, both personally as well as for the planet?

Look into traditional wet shaving with a safety razor and shaving brush. This method of shaving is making a comeback and it is better for the environment and for your health. Shaving this way is better for a man’s skin, causes less irritation, plus it's more affordable and better for the planet. 

Shaving subscription services have been becoming more popular, over the last few years. Why are shaving subscriptions so popular, in today's busy world, and what are some of the benefits of having shaving supplies sent straight to your door? And how might someone decide for themselves if a shaving subscription service is right or not?

Shaving subscriptions services are very popular right now because it is convenient. You know that every month you will get new supplies without having to remember to place an order. So if you are very busy and don’t care which products you use as long as they get the job done, then these services are for you. But the thing is everyone’s skin and hair is different. The subscription services are targeted for more of a generic audience and don’t offer a large variety of products to choose from. Therefore, placing your own order, you can get products more gear towards what your skin and hair need to provide a better shaving experience. 

A lot of guys are getting tired of the same old options being available. Can you recommend any scents or colognes for men that maybe like the classic Old Spice scent, but are maybe a little tired of the same ol'-same ol'?

There are a ton of scents and colognes out there and it really is a personal preference of the user and their price point. Here are a few great recommendations. 

  • Pinaud Clubman Citrus Musk Cologne is a nice alterative to Old Spice that is still very affordable.
  • Royall Rugby Eau de Toilette has a nice fragrance of black currant, dry wood and suede, but has an average cost point. 
  • Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Cologne is more on the high end, but this will truly impress the ladies. This cologne has a fresh zing of Lemon, Lime & Bergamot merge with the lasting subtlety of classic undertones of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Tonka & Musk to create a modern, sophisticated scent.

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