How Your Beard May Be Making You More Attractive

- Rip Bains

When it comes to what women like in a romantic partner, every woman is different. Some women may enjoy a man with some facial hair while others prefer the clean-shaven look. However, research suggests that perhaps women enjoy bearded men when they are looking for long-term relationships, meaning if you want something serious, then it might be time to invest in some beard grooming products

The Study

For a study that was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, researchers took photographs of men when they had light stubble, heavy stubble and a full beard. The researchers gave these photos to over 8,000 women who were told to select which men they would prefer to be with for a short-term relationship and which men they would rather be with for a long-term romance. The findings showed that women were more likely to pick the men with light stubble for a short-term fling but pick men with beards for long-term courtships.

Other Factors

Another factor to be considered for this study is men who have a “masculine” face compared to men who have a more “feminine” face. When facial structure was considered, it was found that women preferred clean-shaven men with masculine faces first over clean-shaven men with feminine faces. For the purposes of this research, a masculine face is considered to be a face with a pronounced brow ridge and wider jawline.

The reason researchers believe beards might be advantageous when trying to find a mate is that it hides features that could be considered too masculine or too feminine. Naturally, all women are different, and if your lady loves your beard, then you are all set. Make yourself even more irresistible by taking care of your beard with a shea butter beard balm from Lovely Beards. Fill out our online contact form if there is anything else you would like to know about our products.

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