How to Remedy a Dry, Itchy Beard

- Rip Bains

It is extremely satisfying to grow out a full beard. You are going to love the way you look, but some guys have to deal with dry, itchy facial hair. While annoying, there are ways you can manage the discomfort, and you can get some much needed help by using the best beard care products around.

Wash and Condition

In the same way you clean your hair with shampoo and conditioner, you need to wash your beard regularly. However, you should not use the same products you apply to the top of your head. Get soap and conditioner specifically designed for beard use, and apply those products about twice a week.

Brush Often

Any man with a beard should absolutely invest in a high-quality beard comb. You will be able to style your facial hair more effectively, and this is also a great way to train your hairs to grow in a certain direction. Over time, your beard may eventually grow in the direction you want.

Use Oil

Washing and conditioning is good for moisturizing your beard and the skin underneath, but it may not be enough. Moisturize throughout the day with high-quality organic beard oil. You can order your oil to come in any number of scents, including gingerbread, bourbon and black pepper. There are also unscented oils if you do not want any strong aromas.

Repair as Needed

With beards, there is always the risk that a few ingrown hairs can form. If you notice that kind of irritation, then you want to carefully remove the hairs using tweezers. You may also need to use Cortizone if the irritation gets particularly severe.

All these practices are easy to do, so there is no reason to live with a dry beard. In fact, you can get some fantastic beard oil and balms here with Lovely Beards. Fill out this contact form if there is anything else you would like to know.

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