How to Determine the Right Beard for Your Face

- Rip Bains

Right beard

Most people only figure out the right beard for their face through extensive trial and error. You spend eight months growing a respectable Karl Marx-style get-up, only to have someone fling spare change into your coffee cup because they think you’re homeless. 

Or, you keep things so high and tight that your beard looks less like the well-groomed mane of Ben Affleck and more like a patchy mess of hairy islands spread across your cheeks.  

Right Beard

Determining the right beard for your face doesn’t have to be a guessing game. At Lovely Beards, we know there’s a beard out there for all faces. Finding the right one can be as simple as narrowing in on your facial construction and choosing the right beard to compliment your jawline.

If you want a beard but struggle with the right style, today’s post will help you determine the type of beard that pairs well with your face. We’ll help you find the peanut butter to your jelly. The lamb to your tuna fish (or something like that). 

Whether you’re growing your first beard or have been rocking facial hair since high school, follow these simple rules to guarantee the beard you sport matches the face your momma gave you. 

If Your Face is Round, Grow a Chin Mound

The style of beard you choose says a lot about you. Choosing a beard that fits your face shape tells people your beard isn’t a result of laziness, but a stylistic choice that can actually help accent your best features and compensate for weaker ones. 

This is particularly true for people with rounder faces. Plenty of handsome gentlemen without the chiseled jawline of Batman have found the right beard type for them by focusing on the chin. 

Guys with round faces should focus on elongating their chins with a longer beard or goatee in order to thin out their cheeks and create the impression of a more well-defined jawline. A full, thick beard will only emphasize the width of your face, so it’s generally in your best interest to keep the attention on your chin, like Kanye West does with his ever-present goatee.

Right beard

When Your Jaw is Square, Your Cheeks Should be Bare

Having a beard comes with plenty of perks, but maybe none more than the confidence you get from choosing the right beard for your face. 

A square jawline is often regarded as the most universally attractive facial construct for both men and women alike. As a result, you might think dudes with square jaws should go beardless and flaunt their natural, perfect bone structure. Why put a rug down when you have beautiful hardwood floors, you know?

The truth is, a good beard can actually be one of the best things a square-jawed gentleman can do to boost their sex appeal. Facial hair on a square jaw actually helps to soften the look of a chiseled jawline, which - believe it or not - can make an already handsome guy even better looking. 

Think of Jake Gyllenhaal. Sure, beardless Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead is fine, but how about bearded Jake Gyllenhaal in Everest? Even better.

Right beard

To be clear, even our square-jawed brethren can’t get away with any beard they want. If you’re fortunate enough to be in this category, skip growing out a full beard on your cheeks and focus on a shorter beard along the jawline with perhaps a bit longer growth at the chin. Doing it this way creates a silhouette of jawline and will immediately turn all heads at the bar in your direction. 

For the bold among us, you could also consider growing a mustache.   

Face Shaped Like a Heart? A Full Beard is Smart

What do Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds have in common besides being huge Hollywood superstars enamored by most of the world while also being actually talented (La La Land! Deadpool!) and sharing the same first name?

They both have heart-shaped faces! Furthermore, they both use their beards to balance out that heart shape and - like their round-faced friends - create the impression of a more robust jawline. 

Right beard

Ryan Reynolds, smirking because he's married to Blake Lively and you are not.

Right beard

If you have a wider forehead and more narrow cheeks like the two Ryans, growing a beard will help fill-out your face to create a more even, square jaw look. The great thing here is the flexibility: heart-shaped faces are the best for longer, fuller beards, but can also benefit from even just some light scruff. Anything to fill out your cheeks and balance your jawline with your forehead width. 

Lots of guys fear growing out a beard because of bad experiences with beard itch. Lucky for you, Lovely Beards entire line of beard products help eliminate the discomfort from beard itch, giving you the opportunity to grow the facial hair you’ve always wanted. 

An Oval Face = Every Beard Looks Great

Here’s the honest truth: an oval face is the holy grail of faces for a beard connoisseur. If you’re lucky enough to have been outfitted with one of these at birth (we’re looking at you, Clooney), congratulations: you can have your pick of the beard litter. 

Right beard

A beard on an oval face is like mustard on a sandwich: it almost always makes it better. That’s because oval faces benefit from a defined jawline (but not overly pronounced like the square-jawed fellas) and a generally even construct that doesn’t require balancing. 

The end result: the opportunity to have any beard of your choosing. If you have that perfect oval face, take advantage of any of these ways to style your beard and try not to gloat too much.


Men have been grooming their beards for centuries as a means of asserting their masculinity while staying stylish. Determining the right beard for your face requires a hard look in the mirror (literally). First, to evaluate your own face shape. Then, to groom your beard to match your shape and accent (or enhance) your jawline. 

Once you have the right beard in place, keeping it healthy becomes all the more important. You can cut your lawn every day, but if you don’t water the grass and take care of it, none of that will matter. 

Lovely Beards provides everything you need to keep your beard healthy and full. No more brittle, rough facial hair. No more dandruff. No more stink. Lovely Beards line of all-natural, organic products ensure your beard is in tip-top shape. 

Check us out today to shop our entire collection of beard balms, oils, and gift boxes.  

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