An Easy Road Map to the Beard of Your Dreams

- Rip Bains

What’s your strategy when you decide to step up your facial hair game? Sure, you might be able to sprout a mustache, soul patch or goatee on a whim, but have you ever attempted to grow a truly epic beard? No matter if you’re growing things out to support your favorite hockey team during the playoffs or you’re just ready for a change, the look of your dreams is attainable if you keep these tips in mind.

Let Things Grow Naturally 

Once the hair starts sprouting out of your chin, you might be tempted to pick up a razor and start sculpting, but it’s important to exercise some patience. You’ll have a better idea about the way your whiskers grow after a month, and then you can start taming the thicket.

Moisturize Thoroughly

The hair on your head needs regular conditioning to stay soft, and it’s important to do the same thing for your beard. When it comes to moisturizing your facial growth, there are hundreds of different products on the market, but you should really only concern yourself with two: 

Pick the Right Style

Now that you’ve powered through the itchy growth phase and moisturized regularly, you’re finally ready for the big day. Before you pick up a razor and sculpt a design worthy of a renaissance master, you should first choose the right style for your facial shape. People who have square or round faces should keep things shorter on the sides and fuller at the bottom. A rectangular face calls for longer hair along the jaw and short styling on the chin. If you’re sporting an oval shape, you’re lucky enough to pull off any design you’d like.

A great style will only go so far if you don’t take care of your hair. To keep your beard nourished and soft, use one of the many balms and oils available from Lovely Beards.

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