5 Ways You Benefit From Having A Beard

- Rip Bains

Perks To Having A Beard

Having a beard is an expression of one’s personal style. That’s why you should consider growing yours out and caring for it with the best organic beard products from Lovely Beards. Here are some benefits: 

1. It Sets You Apart

Nearly every man has to shave for work, whether they want to or not. They are forced to conform, even though many wish they could express their freedom and autonomy through their appearance. When you grow your beard out, you are announcing to the world that you are a free spirit who charts his own course.

2. It Makes You Look Cool

Face it, having a beard ups the cool quotient. It’s a way of saying I don’t care about convention. However, your well-cared-for beard also says you do care about yourself. So does using Lovely Beards’ beard balm with shea butter.

3. It Gives You a Lot of Options

Once you’ve grown your beard, the sky is the limit with styling. Whether you are sporting a Garibaldi and want to switch it up to a Van Dyke or friendly mutton chops, you can change up your look to suit your mood.

4. It Gets Attention

No matter who your trying to impress, you know your beard garners attention, particularly because it is so unique, so you and so well taken care of. That’s because you rely on Lovely Beards’ beard oil with sandalwood.

5. It Puts You Closer to Your Masculinity

Masculinity doesn’t always have to be about letting out a yell while hoisting heavy weights at the gym. It can also be a quiet expression of ones’ self. A beard can bring you back to your manhood every time you look in the mirror.

Whatever reason gets you to grow your beard loud and proud, make sure you’re giving it the best organic beard products from Lovely Beards.

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