10 Ways To Style Your Beard

- Rip Bains

10 Best Ways To Style Your Beard

A beard is a personal thing. That’s why it’s so important to choose the style that both fits your facial features and personality. Just make sure you use the best beard oil for styling from Lovely Beards. Here are some great ones to consider:

  1. Balbo

For men with a narrow chin, consider this variation of a goatee. It features a mustache and hair extending a little wider on the underside of the chin and face.

  1. Full, Long Beard

Major League Baseball players have made this contemporary. This is basically growing your beard as long as you wish while keeping it basically shaped. Don’t forget to use the best beard balm for styling that money can buy from Lovely Beards.

  1. Circle Beard

It features a thick circle around your mouth that extends down below your chin. Good for oval and round faces.

  1. Extended Goatee

This is basically a full beard whose sideburns have been shaved. Make sure your mustache and beard are all connected. Good for square and oval faces. 

  1. Friendly Mutton Chops

Grow your full beard until it grows together with your mustache, then shave off your chin hair. A good look for square and round faces. 

  1. Garibaldi

Grow your beard long and full, then round off the bottom. This is best for round and oval faces.

  1. Medium Stubble

This is easy if your beard grows in all spots. Just wait for it to fill in, then trim it back to an even stubble, so it looks like you haven’t shaved for a week. This works on all face shapes.

  1. Long Stubble

Let your beard get full until it is about two inches off your face, then trim it to even it out and give your face a deep, dark shadow. Great for all face shapes.

  1. Van Dyke

This classic style combines a full, trimmed mustache with a separate chin growth that is shaped thin near the mouth and extends downward in a V off the chin. Great for narrow faces. 

  1. French Fork

This old-timer can be a longer version of the Van Dyke or full beard, with a longer extension off the chin separated into two a two-tined fork.

No matter what style you choose, Lovely Beards has the organic beard taming products to keep you looking sharp.

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