5 Tips For Beard Growth

- Rip Bains

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your new beard stays not only current, but never becomes itchy. Regular grooming and maintenance of your beard will make sure you are always looking good. For the best selection of beard growing products, check out Lovely Beards line of beard oils.

Tips For Beard Growth

Give Your Hair Room to Breathe: When it comes time to grow your beard, get out of your routine of shaving regularly. Your hair needs the proper time to grow without being trimmed. It is highly recommended that you hold off on shaving your face for at least one month.

Protect Your Skin at all Costs: If you properly protect your skin, your follicles will be stimulated, and grow quicker. Lovely Beards has the best oil for beard growth. Their beard oil includes all-natural ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E.

Add Moisturizing into Your Routine: Simply applying a little bit of moisturizer onto your skin each day is the best way to grow a thicker beard. Lovely Beards line of beard oils can help your skin get the nutrients it needs to grow fuller.

How to Fight the Itch: When you are growing your facial hair, you will notice an itch right away. To soften beard hair, simply apply a little bit of beard oil onto the beard each day. This will help your face get adjusted to being covered up by a beard.

Shape your Beard: Now that you have determined the beard is for you, find what shape you want. You can keep it more distinguished, or if you would like, you can have it be a little wild.

If you are trying to have more distinguished or rugged looking facial hair, check out Lovely Beards line of beard growing products. Lovely Beards has been helping beard enthusiasts get the look they have always wanted. Check out their line of oils that is suited towards any facial hair or skin type.

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