Distinguished Gentleman: Walt Whitman

- Rip Bains

Distinguished Gentleman: Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was one of the most memorable pieces ever written. Whitman may have an outstanding reputation throughout literary circles, but he should be just as respected for his impressive beard. To grow a Whitman style beard, use organic beard products from Lovely Beards.

Whitman’s Beard Prowess Matched by his Writing Skill

Walt Whitman distinguished facial hair has made him stand out throughout history. His beard made him look similar to Santa Claus, as it was white and long. His beard has fascinated people throughout history and has appeared in well-known poetry.

Whitman juggled many careers while writing his poetry, including being a journalist, teacher, and a government clerk. He published Leaves of Grass with his own money, but continued writing throughout the rest of his life. Whitman was among the first to use unusual images and symbols throughout his poetry.

How to have the Beard that Matches Your Personal Style

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