Women use their beards to kiss men...

Women use their beards to kiss men...wait a moment.  Yes you have read it correctly. A recent piece was done when men shaved off their beards and women grew beards...well fake ones. All in the love of science? Kinda, a social science we guess. Here are some highlights!

Initial Thoughts

It really is all about equality people. I've seen videos where men get Brazilian waxes in order to understand the pain that women go through. This seems like a no brainer!

Why Beards?

Why do men have beards in the first place? According to one of the video's participants, he just feels like shaving is a pain in the ass.

The True Question Is...

Who initiates the kiss when your girlfriend has facial hair? The answer is very simple: who cares? If you want to watch the entire video, you can do so below!
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