Beardy Folk - Jay

How is your week going?   One of our friends told us we need to start with 'We moustache you a few questions' so here they are! Jay Where are you from? I am from Dublin, Ireland. 

How long have you had a beard for? I have been growing my beard for 10 months now.

How would you describe your beard? I would have to describe it as bristly, mature and changes from brown to red. jay

What is the best thing about having a beard? The best thing about having a beard is the variety of conversation it starts from random people.

Has anything changed for you since growing your beard? Since growing a beard I have learned to embrace myself more regardless of other peoples opinions.   Thank you to Jay for sharing his beard on our site. Are you reading this and want to be on the site?  Let us know contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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