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One of our most distingushed Beardy friends is here to say hello. Lovely Beards - Chris   Say hello to Krzsztof Blachut, or as many know him as Chris. Originally from Poland but living in Southampton, England for 7 years.    How long have you had your beard? It is almost 1 year old. I decided to grow it at the start of the year, but like to trim it from time to time to keep it looking well.
If your beard had a name what would it be? 
My beard does not have a name, or at least yet.  However  people from work say  it is like ferrari, or like Arnold Schwarzenegger, one person even said it is like a jumbo jet of the bearded world.
Lovely Beards Chris
Have you noticed any changes in your life thanks to the beard? 
 I feel all eyes on me when im walking down the street. At times people stop me to tell me complements about how my beard looks. That is a really nice feeling to be honest.
Would you consider going full Mo for Movember? 
No, I wouldn't change my beard at all.
Any beard you wish you could have? 
No, at the moment I don't want anyone else's beard. Perhaps one day my own beard could be famous. I feel it is unique enough that it could be.
Lovely Beards Chris   Make sure to follow Krzsztof, or Chris to us lovely friends on Instagram If you feel like being on our site make sure to let us know by contacting us here LovelyBeards  

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