Beardy Folk - Tyler

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Say hello to Tyler! tyler Where are you from? I'm from Butte Montana, America. 

How long have you had a beard for? I started growing my beard at the end of October 2014 when I got out if the Army.

How would you describe your beard? I feel like my beard is a fun project en route to something amazing. tyler2

What is the best thing about having a beard? The best thing about it is how soft it is....I use quite a few different oils, balms and washes which helps keep it soft. 

Has anything changed for you since growing your beard? I don't feel much has changed other than my grooming habits have become more in depth and in always picking food and lots of dirt and concrete from wotk out if it. Thank you to Tyler for sharing his beard on our site. Do you reading this want to be on the site?  Let us know contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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