We are in the Semi Final - SME Awards

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We have got 3 semi's..... SEMIS Recently we mentioned that we were nominated in this years SME Awards. Having started out in very late October 2014, it was always our intentions to try and do our best with this site. So far we have over 2,500 followers on Instagram, 4,500 on Facebook, and not too many on Twitter. Close to 3,000 people on Instagram have added a photo using our #LovelyBeards tag which is staggeringly amazing for us!   Our next steps are to create content for caring for beards, and we are looking at new T-Shirts and adding a ladies T-Shirt range too. The categories we are in are as follows: Retailer – Online Startup  Community Minded   Again, we are very thankful to those who have supported us this far. We will continue to put the views and requests of those who follow us first and most of all we will keep growing! Thanks!   LovelyBeards

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