St Patrick's Day Beards Special

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St Patrick's Day Special It is one of our favourite days! Happy St Patrick's Day! FullSizeRender We have decided to give many people a feature today and they are all Irish Beardy folk.  Spencer has his beard for 2 years now, it is impressive in length! Lovely Beards   Instagram users Turf3 Sent this to us, he is rocking a top beard!     Richie with his beard, living in Waterford,Ireland. lovelybeards Facebook and previous beardy Folk Barry from Wexford sharing his impressive dark beard. Will, our Facebook friend sent this to us. We are loving the hat! Will Rich with a great green beard! What a way to celebrate St Patrick's Day! Irish Beard   Thanks to all of those Irish Beardy folk! Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all.  LovelyBeards  

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