Beardy - Mike

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Halloween is giving more treats! Mike Here is Mike Charles, from South Woodford, East London.     How long have you been growing your beard? I have been growing the beard for 6 months trimmed it once then thought fuck it I'm growing this. What are the best things about having a beard?  I love it. It keeps my face warm get a lot of respect and met an amazing woman for having it! Working in Shoreditch East London I fit in well and it is just a powerful look. Do you use any products on your beard? Has it helped? I enjoy using beard oil and just get a he'll of a lot of good comments on it. Mike   Do you have any tattoos? I don't have the beard and tatts look that everyone tends to have. My skin is naked, but the respect from the beard is all I need. Thanks to Mike for sharing his great reaction to his beard, and the Halloween photo is a treat....couldn't resist! Follow him on Instagram here. LovelyBeards Think you should be on our site? Let us know, you can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter    

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