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Happy Friday from all of us on LovelyBeards! Liam Say hello to Liam B, from Kent in England.   How long has it taken you to grow your beard? It has taken me 9 months to get my beard to this length. I had an accident trimming it back in January and took a chunk out of it, then had to shave it off and start again, I felt completely devastated that day.....bad times.
How would you describe your beard?
As if a Leprechaun and a Viking had an angry fiery bearded baby!
Has anything changed for you since growing your beard?
A lot more people want to touch me. I get a lot of people shake my hand for having (as they say "and awesome beard") also I've noticed how hard it is to eat a jam doughnut or ice cream, such a mess. liam
If you could have another persons beard, who's would it be any why?
Ricki Hall, he's a total dude and his beard is awesome.
Big shout out to Liam for sharing his Halloween Beardy photo with everyone.  Make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter LovelyBeards Think you should be on our site? Let us know, you can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter

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