Beardy - Rafa

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We are starting to get a lot more people sharing their beards from all over the world.  Rafa lovely beards Say hello to Rafa Solano, from San José, Costa Rica.    How would you describe your beard?  My beard is AWESOME! All beards are awesome! Have you noticed any advantages to having a beard?  Advantages? I'm now a man not a child, women like it :) and it also means I do not have to shave everyday. Has anything changed since you decided to grow a beard? Yes, I am feeling good about myself and ladies are finding me more attractive. lovely beards Any bad point to having a beard? No, there are zero bad points. Is there any famous beards you admire? The beard of Hugh Jackman! it is really impresive.   ** Update **    Rafa has kindly shared how his beard is growing. What do you think? Keep it growing Rafa! rafa2     Thank you to Rafa who is showing off his LovelyBeard in Costa Rica.  Make sure to follow him on Instagram and on Facebook LovelyBeards  

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