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When we saw this chaps newly styled beard we knew it was too good not to ask to come onto the site.  Kevin Lovelybeards   Ladies and gents, please say hello to Kevin Perry from Kingman, Arizona. How long have you had your beard? This current version of my beard is about 2-3 months old. (Was planning on growing a years but a couple of trimming incidents caused me to have to shave lol) How would you describe your beard?  I haven't given much thought as to how I personally would describe my beard. Maybe rustic? Your beard has a very promanent moustache part to it, have you made this a feature or has it grown naturally this way?   My mustache grows much better than the rest of my facial hair. I have my father to thank for that he had a great mustache. That and I didn't shave that when I had to shave my beard so along with it growing better the mustache had a head start. It's cool to style it occasionally. LovelyBeards Have you noticed any changes in your life since growing a beard? I am not sure anything has really changed for me. I'd say I get more attention and compliments because of the facial hair. Which is great. I don't think being clean shaven means someone is more "professional" anymore. I'm glad to see society accepting men as men! Is there any other beard you admire out there? Lots of beards I like out there. There's one guy dakisavic on instagram has a great one. It's like Viking in nature. LovelyBeards   Thank you to Kevin for sharing his Lovely Beard with us.  Make sure to follow him on Instagram folks.    LovelyBeards

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