Buzzers - Bucks Barbers

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Welcome to our first of the Buzzers, or Barbers as everyone knows them. 

Today we have a the superb Bucks Barbers.

Bucks Barbers

  We chat to Hayley Wallace all about her Barber Shop.   First of all Hayley, where can people find you? We are located at - 83 Kingsland Road, Hoxton E2 8AG, London.  How long have you been open? One year! We turned one on the 9th of October. How many staff do you have?  We have 5 at the moment, but are looking for a 6th member. Bucks Barbers Staff   Is it true you were cutting hair at Glastonbury? Yep, they built us a barbershop to work in at Maceo's Crew bar in Block 9! We also got the opportunity to go backstage at the pyramid cutting the hair of some of the Rudimental members before they went it, as Amir comes in the shop anyway, so that was unreal!! Do you get many people in with beards looking to get their hair cut? YES! In East London the beard happens to be a very popular fashion accessory! Bucks Barbers Beards Bucks Barbers Bucks Barbers beardBucks Barbers   What do you think is the best thing about beards? They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, they can completely change someone's look (for better or worse!! :) )   Thanks to Bucks Barbers for sharing what they do. Make sure to call into them for a nice cut and beard trim! You can follow Bucks Barbers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website. Bucks Barbers   LovelyBeards    

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