Beardy - Nick

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When we saw Nick's Beard on Instagram we decided to say hello as we liked his beard.

Everyone meet Nick Pittman from Atlanta, Georgia.

Nick Pittman We asked Nick a bit more about him and his beard! How long have you had your beard Nick? -I've had my beard for about 7 months If someone was thinking of growing a beard, what would you say are the best reasons to have one? -Women appreciate it, keeps me warm, keeps me a man. Would there be any hard parts to having a beard? -There's nothing hard about having my beard.  Nick beardy If you could have a famous persons beard, who would it be?  -Beard I'd like to have would be Jeff Bridges, Nick Offerman, or Hugh Jackman. Thanks to Nick for being a top Beardy! Make sure to follow him on Instagram folks.  LovelyBeards

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