The End of an Era?

- Shaun Six

Last week, in honor Julian Edelman, Super Bowl MVP, we offered a 32% discount on our Lovely Beard products.  As you can see by the picture above, Julian was sporting quite an impressive beard during the game.  

It was with total shock and dismay that shortly after the game, I read that Julian allowed Ellen DeGeneres to shave his beard off on her show.  However, while watching the clip of Ellen shaving Julian’s mass of facial hair, I learned that Ellen offered to donate $10,000 to Julian’s favorite charity, The Boys and Girls Club of America, if he let her shave off his beard.  Well, much as we love beards, it’s hard to fault anyone for taking advantage of an opportunity like that and to go along, Julian offered to match Ellen’s $10,000 so a total of $20,000 were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston.  Kudos to Julian and Ellen both.

As I was watching Ellen fight a razor through Edelman’s burly beard, it did make me think about how superstitious athletes tend to be and whether this would be the jinx that finally breaks the Patriots dominance.  Could this be the end of an era?  Maybe Edelman’s facial hair gives him Samson like qualities.

Now I don’t go for that kind of stuff, but it did get me thinking about beards throughout history and in ancient mythology.  Were there any examples like that of Samson, but with beards instead of hair?   While I didn’t find any examples of anything bad happening to anyone after shaving their beard, I did come across this article (Top 5 Ancient and Medieval Beards to Remember on World Beard Day) and it points out several benefits of having a beard.  

In ancient Egypt, beards created an association with the gods.  This led to Queen, yes Queen, Hatsheput donning a fake beard after the death of her husband in order to claim her right to be pharaoh.  

So, maybe nothing truly bad happens if you shave your beard, but maybe it causes you to lose a slight edge because you no longer have that close association with the gods.  Maybe Julian has now lost his edge with Vincent, god of American football.  Could this result in the end of dominance of the Patriots?  Maybe, maybe not.

On the Ellen show, Julian mentioned that his beard had nine months of growth.  I figure if he starts regrowing his beard now, it will be back where it was in time for the playoffs.  If he really wants to make sure his beard is back to full strength before the playoffs, he’ll use our Black Pepper beard oil.  Black pepper is rich in vitamins A and C, flavonoids, carotenoids, and other antioxidants.  This helps stimulate growth while fighting beardruff.

Julian, if you’re out there, don’t risk upsetting the gods.  Go to and order a bottle or two of Black Pepper beard oil and to keep that thing in check, order a can of Black Pepper beard balm to shape and manage that awesome beard.  And, just for a little extra encouragement, we'll extend our 32% off offer for another week - use code MVP.

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