Distinguished Gentleman: Jim Morrison

- Rip Bains


Jim Morrison is one of the most influential frontmen in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. He sang for The Doors, which released some of the most popular rock songs ever, including “People Are Strange,” “Light My Fire” and “The End.” Aside from his music, Morrison is also known for the magnificent full beard he had at various points in his career.

A Beard to Match a Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle

Jim Morrison had many looks throughout his career. Toward the beginning, he generally had a clean shaven appearance. However, later on through the years, he started to grow a full, wild beard. This gave him an almost Dionysian aesthetic that had him looking like a shaman hiding out in the desert.

Before making it big with The Doors, Morrison lived in Venice Beach, California where he wrote many of the band’s earlier songs. First, Morrison met Ray Manzarek, who played keyboard bass for the group. Through auditions, the two of them met the final two members of the band: John Densmore and Robby Krieger. In 1967, The Doors hit it big after they signed with Elektra Records. With the hit single “Light My Fire” lighting up the charts and a now infamous appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the band skyrocketed to success. They truly changed the landscape of rock.

How to Get a Beard That Matches Your Own Rock Sensibilities 

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