Common Beard Myths Debunked

- Rip Bains

Top Beard Myths Debunked

If you’re new to the beard scene, you may have fallen for some beard myths that may have you hesitant to remain in the facial hair club. Even you veterans may believe some of these common misconceptions. Let’s set the record straight so you can worry about what truly matters – keeping your beard looking and feeling sexy. 

Hair Grows Evenly

A well-groomed beard may give off the impression that it naturally grows at a consistent rate. The truth is that beard growth depends on the location of your facial hair. The cheek area tends to be slower than the jawline. This can lead to patches in the beginning, but they won’t last. Encourage healthy growth by applying sandalwood beard balm (or whatever scent you like).

Beards Are Itchy

This myth is partially true. New hair that reaches a prickly length, especially curly or wavy types, can lead to an itchy, irritated beard. However, it will go away once your beard grows longer. In the meantime, relieve itchiness and dryness with beard balm and natural beard oil.

Beards Are Hot and Dirty

If by hot you mean desirable, then yes, it’s true. Otherwise, beards don’t create more heat on your face. In fact, beards offer many benefits in sunny weather.

  • They protect your face from harmful UV rays.
  • They provide shade to keep skin cool.
  • When wet, they create a cooling effect, especially in a breeze. 

As for being dirty, it’s only true for slobs. For a gentleman, a beard is no dirtier than any other part of his body. A simple hygiene routine using the best beard products from Lovely Beard is enough to keep your beard sanitary.

Shaving Makes Your Hair Thicker

One of the most pervasive myths is that shaving will make your beard grow back in thicker, darker, and faster. According to Mayo Clinic, shaving cuts the thick follicle base bluntly, making stubble look more noticeable.

Don’t let these myths keep you from growing facial hair. Contact Lovely Beards if you have another myth that needs debunking.

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