Best Cities For Men With Beards

- Rip Bains

There are just some places in this country where your beard looks better or helps you stand out. Whether you live on the East or West Coast, or somewhere in between, you can find a place where your facial hair is appreciated. If you are looking for top notch organic beard products, check out Lovely Beards line of oils and balms.

Best Cities With Beards

East Coast Spots that are Perfect for Beard Enthusiasts

Washington DC and New York City are among the best places on the East Coast to grow a beard. New York has an array of beard clubs and groups, and businesses that support facial hair enthusiasts. The nation’s capital has plenty of sculptures celebrating the beard, and is also home to many prominent men who have beards. 

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West Coast Sunshine Equals Healthy Beard Growth

If you are in the Pacific Time Zone, your beard can stand out as either distinguished or rugged. The male celebrity scene make Los Angeles a perfect place to grow your beard. The birthplace of grunge rock and Starbucks makes Seattle an outstanding option for the beard enthusiast.

Lovely Beards line of oils is the perfect beard moisturizer softener. This can be essential when you are trying to establish a grooming regimen. Simply applying a little bit of oil will help your beard avoid the itch and beardruff that can hinder your new facial hair.

Lovely Beards has an outstanding array of organic beard products that can be used for any type of facial hair or skin. There are plenty of cities where your beard will be celebrated and respected. When it comes time to grow more distinct facial hair, Lovely Beards will help you have the look that best suits your personal style.

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