Beards + Travel: What To Bring & What To Expect

- Rip Bains

What To Bring For Your Beard On Vacation

A quick or extended vacation does not have to derail your wonderful looking beard. You can easily ensure that your beard looks tight or rugged, depending upon your personal preference. Lovely Beards has an outstanding line of beard taming products, including balms and oils, which can meet your short and long-term needs.

When You Should Groom or Shave Your Beard

When you are away from home, make sure you do not alter your daily routine too much. You can easily have enough room in your suitcase for your favorite grooming products. Before you hit the beach or the ski slopes, simply apply a little bit on your beard each day, and you will immediately notice results

A beard oil and wax from Lovely Beards can be the perfect defense against the dreaded beardruff or a mangy look. The oils from Lovely Beards include all-natural ingredients such as Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Kiwi Seed Oil. Lovely Beards line of products were designed for all types of facial hair and skin.

How to Train Your Beard

If you regularly trim your beard, it will be able to maintain a consistent shape. Along with using the best beard conditioner, consider adding a comb or brush to your daily grooming regimen. Using a brush or comb will ensure that your hairs grow in a downward direction. 

A healthy diet can be an excellent way to have a strong beard. If you regularly consume vitamins such as B5, B3, or B9, your facial hair is more likely to grow more evenly. You can find these vitamins in lean meats, leafy greens, and dairy products.

When it is time to hit the road, make sure you pack your beard taming products from Lovely Beards. Lovely Beards will be able to help you achieve the perfect beard, whether it is the Wooly Bully or Distinguished Gentleman.

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