6 Benefits of having a beard


6 Benefits of having a beard

Let's face it, beards are great. But if you need to double check some of the benefits or need ammo during the Christmas season to why you won't be shaving your beard. Here are six doctor-approved reasons to let your beard grow.

1 It protects you from the sunshine

Yes we know it is now the winter (Summer in some parts of the world) but it is proven that having a beard can protect your face from up to 95% of the UV rays. Resulting in a natural sun protector! LovelyBeards

2 Makes you look manly

Since we launched and asked people if anything has changed for them since growing a beard a high amount of guys reckon it made them look more manly, older, and less like a baby faced child. Plus women will find you more attractive. lovelybeards.com

3 You will have better skin

Suffer from acne? Then grow a beard now. It is a great way of reducing blemishes and sore patches of skin. "Razors can irritate the skin or even spread bacteria, causing an infection of the hair follicle."  

4 Reduces Allergies

Nose hairs catch more than you might actually know. When you have a moustache it has been known to reduce allergic reactions, especially when it comes to hay fever. (We can vouch for that)  

5 You are more likely to feel better about yourself

Since we launched our site, just a year ago over 95% of Beardy folk when asked if anything changed since growing a beard, came back to say they felt better about themselves. This includes weight loss, getting fit, and even getting a new love interest. One of our beardy folk even got engaged as a result of his beard!  

6 Beards keep your face warm

'Winter is coming'....sorry Game of Thrones fans we couldn't resist it. With the colder snap here it is a well known fact that beards keep your face nice and warm. Plus look how cool your beard will be with snow in it. winter beard   Want to be on our site or have a good beard news piece you’d like to share? Let us know!  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards      

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