"Oh look they have beards" - "Call the Police!"

"Oh look they have beards" - "Call the Police!" Sadly this is what happened when a group of 20 men caught up to talk about beards and hang out. BV Meet Andreas Fransson, a member of the Bearded Villains Group in Sweden. LovelyBeards The group was having a photoshoot at the Brahehus Castle ruin, located in the province of Småland, Sweden, but apparently their long beards and the group's black flag were enough for someone to mistake them for terrorists. Andreas said "We had a good laugh with the cops, who had to respond to the call. But they quickly saw that we weren't terrorists, out in the middle of nowhere, dressed in formal wear, hugging and laughing," bv2 Has anything like this happened to you? Where you there? Let us know.  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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