How to grow a beard

How to grow a beard.  how to grow a beard A statement every man has said at one stage in his life whilst either looking at a mirror or after seeing a great beard walk past you. Regardless of age, race or what you do for a living you've wanted to grow a beard. Here are a few steps you need to do when you've decided to give it a grow. Timing: let it grow When? We recommend you start letting it grow before you go on a holiday, or when you have time off. The first few days are not fun. People in work or at home will ask if you are ok when they see your stubble grow. It takes time! Please remember this. Everyone is different and this means your hair too. Some men will have a full beard in a matter of weeks. You may not, and that is ok. On average it take 4 weeks for your beard to get to a nice level. It will fill out, and a natural shape should appear. Only there should you do your neck line. We recommend going to a local barber who is known for shaping beards. (Feel free to ask who who is good near where you are and we will recommend someone.) Beard trimming   The Itch.  the itch We all experience it, and there are literally hundreds of ways to reduce the itch you will feel and here out some of our top ones. Don't give into the itch. Try and not scratch it, we know it sounds like something your mother said but she was correct. Use a little conditioner on your beard. While you shower just add a small bit through and this will make your beard softer. Beard oil. mint oil Yes it can seem premature before your beard gets to a nice length but it softens the beard hair and smells great. If all else fails? Do not shave! Are you reading this and want to be on the site,or have something you feel should be on this site?  Let us know contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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