Beardy Folk - Shawn

Say hello to Shawn who has kindly sent us his bearded update from our recent search for new beardy folk. Welcome back on the site Shawn!   How has your beard been since we last had you on the site? Since my last time being on the LOVELY BEARDS, my man mane has been worshipped by many. Working with a couple companies to be a spokesman/model for their beard/moustache products. .   Have you had any silly thoughts of shaving it off? My wife asked me to trim my beard down to damn near nothing a few weeks ago. I told her that we might as well cut my balls of too if we do that. She agreed...I still have it all Anything good happened since we last spoke? Since our last chat, I have received several messages about my beard. From companies to random strangers complimenting me on my beard and curled 'stache   Shawn LovelyBeards Where are you from? I am from Menominee Michigan. 

How long have you had a beard for? I have been growing my beard for just over a year now. Shawn LovelyBeards

How would you describe your beard? I'd describe my beard as full and well groomed with a bad ass styled handlebar mustache! LovelyBeards

What is the best thing about having a beard? The best thing about my beard is that is a manly accessory. 

Has anything changed for you since growing your beard? Since growing my beard, the only thing that has changed is the amount of people that look and stare at me. Shawn LovelyBeards   Thank you to Shawn for sharing his beard on here. Are you reading this and want to be on the site,or have something you feel should be on this site?  Let us know contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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