Beardy - Salim

We knew people loved beards, and had hoped it could be a world wide community, this is exactly why we have gone with it. lovely beards Please say a warm hello to Salim Mkhonza, from South Africa How long have you had your beard?

I've had a beard for about 5months now.

What was the reason behind growing your beard? 

The main reason for growing a beard was, I feel it is a human mane, wear it with pride.

lovely beards

What is the hardest thing about having a beard?

Trying not to be egotistic :)

Is there any beard you wish you had? It can be a famous person's. 

I wish I could have, Omarion's beard.  (RNB SINGER)

Thank you to Salim for sharing his mane :) make sure to follow him on Instagram.


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