Beardy - Arno

Happy Friday! Here is another great Lovely Beard! Arno   What is your name? Arno.   Where are you from? I am from Luxembourg. Arno How long have you had your beard? It started with a Goatee when I was 17, later when I was 20 I had stubble. Now I am 33 and I have this style and length 1 and a half years.   Best thing to happen since growing a beard? Increased self confidence! Arno   Do people comment on your beard? Everyday! Mostly positive but I am tired from when people say "Hey, are you going to be in the Taliban?!" It is a joke....   If your beard was to have a name, what would it be? Ehm. Arno   Think you should be on our site? Let us know, you can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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