Beardy Fan - Bella

Behind a LovelyBeard is a LovelyLady, so we like to share some fans on here when we can.   Say hello to Bella! bella lovelybeards Where are you from? I'm from beautiful San Diego, California! 

What makes you like beards?
I like beards because they are manly and sexy.

How would you describe the perfect beard? The perfect beard to me is where you can still see the jaw line and cheek line. So not too thick but not the five o clock shadow either. But a beard is a beard. I like them all! bella lovelybeards

Have you ever gone out with a guy just because of their beard? Yes I've dated guys with beards and currently am dating a guy that can't fully grow a beard. He has that five o clock shadow. I prefer to date men with a beard. 

If you could grow a beard, would you?

I don't think a beard on a woman is ideal lol but there's some out there.

Have you any advice for guys with beards or thinking of growing a beard?
My advice for someone growing a beard is to keep it nice and clean and maintained. Would you like to add anything else? Yes I would, a woman should never tell a man to shave off his beard! bella Thank you to Bella for sharing her love of beards on our site.  Are you a fan of beards and want to be on the site? Let us know! You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter   lovely beards

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