Behind the lens - Lina Scalzo Photographer

The other day we had a great beardy on the site, Conor.  What stood out was his super beard and how one of his photos were shot.  We asked about his photo and we are proud to introduce Lina to be on the site.  LovelyBeards Where are you from? I’m from Dublin,Ireland. How long have you been a photographer? I’ve always loved photography since my early teens. I’ve been studying it for the past 5 years. LovelyBeards   Have you taken many photos of men with beards? Lately yes, over a dozen different styles of beard and facial hair, all shot on large format film. What do you make of the beard trend? I love it. Simply. I like seeing men owning their own fashion trend so openly. It adds a new element to someone’s character. LovelyBeards   Are photos with a bearded man easier to work with? It’s not that it’s an easier subject, it’s more interesting. Using a large format camera, the extravagance of a man’s beard works extremely well with the detail of black and white film. They complement each other beautifully!   Thank you to Lina for sharing her story behind the lens with us. Are reading this and want to be on the site,or have something you feel should be on this site?  Let us know contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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