Beardy Folk - Jackson

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Another top Beardy folk for you, and again from our recent search for more LovelyBeards!   Say hello to Jackson.  lovelybeards Where are you from? I was born on the Isle of Skye but I'm now living in llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
How long have you had a beard for?
I've had my beard for about 10 years lovely beards

How would you describe your beard? Hummm very thick, very well maintained and meticulously groomed. lovely beards
What is the best thing about having a beard? The best thing about having a beard, that's a hard one. My beard is an extension of my personality/of me really. It just completes me really. I had a beard when I'd get dirty looks for it and I've kept it strong and true, noticing now the changing opinion of society (with much appreciation I might add)

Has anything changed for you since growing your beard? Wouldn't say too much, as I said I've had a beard for so long now it's an intrinsic part of me and my life. I would say it does exude masculinity though, people do tend to take things said a little more seriously. lovely beards   Thank you to Jackson for sharing his beard on our site. Do you reading this want to be on the site?  Let us know contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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