Beardy Fan - Lauren

Not looking forward to Monday? Here is someone to cheer you up. Say hello to Lauren!   Where are you from? I am from Ohio, America. What makes you like beards? I love men who look rugged, which makes beard perfect!   Would you ever date a guy with a beard? Yes, a beard is pretty much a requirement of mine. If you could grow a beard what would it be like? It would be a pointy one, like satin :) Any advice for guys looking to grow a beard? Keep your beard soft with beard oil, nothing worse than a uncared for beard. How long have you been a suicide girl?  I've been a suicide girl since 2014. What makes a suicide girl for those who are new to the term?  A suicide girl is a girl who is not afraid to be their weird imperfect self, and having cool hair helps too. You've a superb following online, is that due to your photos? I've been growing followers as a model and artist since becoming a suicide girl but the fans have been very supportive so it is all pretty much thanks to my friends and fans of my modelling and art career. What does the future hold for you? I am going to art college in the coming months to study fine arts, and have a love for fashion, modelling and tattooing so maybe I will become a great tattoo artist.   Thanks to Lauren for sharing her story on the site, may we add she is one of the nicest ladies we’ve met since launching! Give her a follow on Instagram here - Want to be on our site? We would love to hear from you.  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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