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Another day another lovely Beardy to show off.  Today say hello to Todd Wallace from Austin, Texas.  Todd Wallace, Lovely Beards, Beardy
How would you describe your beard?
If there are any advantages to having a beard like yours, what would they be?
Seperates the MEN from the boys.
Has anything changed for you since growing your beard?
I have to comb my face now.
Todd Wallace LovelyBeards
Is there any bad points to having a beard?
Eating is a fun challenge, food gets caught in the beard so you have to clean it afterwards.
You have a great following online, do you think this is from your beard?
I have definitely got a boost in fans, I thank them for their support and love them all!
If you could have another persons beard, who's would it be any why?
Brian Wilson the MLB Pitcher has a pretty mean beard, it commands a lot of respect from fellow Beardos.
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