Pooh in your beard?

So needless to say we got a lot of people sending us messages about the recent 'Pooh-Gate' as we call it. An article was issued with a video of a scientist saying that mens beards have pieces of pooh in them. Now normally we would go along with what scientists say...but on this one we are a tad surprised. pooh in beards? When you think of a man with a beard before the recent growth in beards many  might of imagined a man with a long beard and a bad odour from him looking for money. But now we have men of all ages, races, from countries all over the world with amazing beards. We for instance have shared over 400+ on our website and social media channels. Of these, none meet the pre supposed vision people may think of when they recall seeing beards. These men really look after their appearance. In fact, we ask all of them one important question. 'Has anything changed for you since growing a beard' - most, and we actually mean most, of these men have either got a new person in their love life, or lost weight, or overall feel more confident about their appearance. shave off your beard? We would like to point out that men are starting to use beard oils, balms and ever special shampoos for their beard each day. Which means they are washing their beard daily. So then if they or anyone has pooh on their facial hair wouldn't women with long hair? Or anyone with hair also have pooh on it? hb1 For now we say beard on people and enjoy the many shapes, sizes, and colours of beards and support us and ignore anymore smear campaigns to get men shaving again!   Thanks,    LovelyBeards    You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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