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Say hello to Andre Martins who is sharing his beard all from Guimarães, Portugal André Beard lovelybeards How long have you had a beard for? I have my bears for two years! If you could give advice to anyone growing a beard like yours what would it be? My advice is to have patience and not give up to let it grow and take good care of your beard, always!! :) Since you grow your beard, has anything changed for you? The only thing that really changed is that I take much longer in the shower to keep my beard always fresh & clean. Do you think women like beards? I think there are women who like beards, and women who do not like them.  And its like that, those who love, they really love beards, those that do not like, they really hate beards! Have you had any men commenting on your beard? If so, what would they say? Yes, there have been men who comment on my beard and comments are like "I could not let groes a beard like yours!" or "spectacular beard bro!" there is always someone who comes to talk to you about your beard!! :) If you could grow a beard like a famous persons, who would it be? Definitely, Ricki Hall. André LovelyBeards Beards   Make sure to follow André on Instagram and if you think your beard is good, let us know and we would love to have it on our site.  Want to be on our site? We would love to hear from you.  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards LovelyBeards

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