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We love to share what Buzzers aka Barbers are doing as they are the one's who normally enable so many to grow superb beards with their trims and good clean hair cuts.    Today we are thrilled to have The Grafton Barbers on our site. The Grafton Barbers Where are you based? Our flagship store is based on Grafton St however we now have a further 21 branches throughout Ireland. How long have you been established? Our first store opened its doors in 1994, on Dublin’s Grafton Street.   What is the biggest change in barbering in Ireland you have seen in recent years? The biggest change that we have seen is the increased attention that men pay to themselves and their appearance. This includes their facial hair., hair grooming in general and also their clothing. How many men would have a beard that you see weekly? The Grafton Barber have 22 branches throughout Ireland so on average we would see a minimum of 150 beards per day!   DSCF7628 Do you provide beard trims? Yes, beard trimming is a big part of our business with the popularity of facial hair from trimming, styling and care of beards, moustache and skin. We also have our own exclusive The Grafton Barber beard oil available in our store which conditions and softens both your skin and beard. What advice would you have for anyone growing a beard or looking to get their beard trimmed? The best advice for anyone growing beards is patience is key! As they take time and care to grow. From cleansing and conditioning, all of these aspects should be considered when venturing into the world of beards.   10984980_10155168486825384_3876658059589249054_n   Thanks to the gang in the Grafton Barbers for sharing their story with us.  the grafton barbers You can follow them online on their various social media accounts, Facebook Twitter and their Instagram page! Want to be on our site? We would love to hear from you.  You can contact us here or on Facebook, and Twitter LovelyBeards

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